3-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse To Reset

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Ayurvedic cleanse is a great way to keep your body in check and to maintain wellness. A three-day Ayurvedic detox can do wonders, as it helps remove unwanted toxins from the body and restores everyday balance.

Toxins can be anything that interferes with the body’s natural balance, happiness, and health.

Types Of Toxins

Emotional – Self doubt, negative thoughts and beliefs, stress, sleeplessness, and rumination on painful experiences can eventually start taking a toll on our our physical body as well.

Physical – Toxins can also be found in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, products we use, clothes we wear, and in the environment we live in. These factors may eventually start controlling our emotions as well.

Food Ideas For Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ayurveda suggests detoxifying regularly with a quick three-day detox to bring about and maintain balance in our everyday lives.

An Ayurvedic cleanse starts with a diet of simple, light, and easy-to-digest food. Simplifying a diet can speed up the process of digestion to eliminate accumulated toxins, resulting in a boost to our energy levels. During your Ayurvedic detox, include all the six tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in every meal to ensure a balanced and satisfying diet. In addition, Ayurveda recommends avoiding dairy, meat, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, raw cold, and fried foods during the detox and focusing on easily digestible meals.

  • Lentil and vegetable soups
  • Steamed, sautéed, or roasted broccoli, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and beets
  • Lightly steamed greens – spinach, chard, and beet greens
  • Rice, quinoa, millet, and barley
  • Spices such as ginger, cumin, coriander, and fennel
  • Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds
  • Poached apples and pears 
  • Cooked apricots, prunes, and figs
  • Fresh berries – raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries
  • Detox herbs

Detox Herbs

Amla is rich in fiber content and can be excellent in flushing out toxins from the body, regulating digestion, and keeping the gut working strong. Other detox herbs like Triphla can also be consumed during the Ayurvedic cleanse. Create a daily schedule and stick to it. It is important to consume the detox herbs at the same time everyday. Along with detox herbs, make self-massage, exercise, and meditation a part of the routine. Stick to a schedule as much as possible, go to bed early, and avoid screens and technology before bed. Dedicate that time to connect with yourself instead.

After the Ayurvedic Cleanse

It’s essential to slowly transition out of the ayurvedic detox by gradually introducing more complex foods, like meat and dairy, into your diet. Even if these foods align with your Doshas, it is important to continue eating easy-to-digest food.

A healthy body results from a balance between mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Nourish your senses with an improved quality of life through Ayurvedic detox that will help you foster clarity in all three realms!