Your Mind-body type

Vata - Pitta Dosha

Learn what makes you unique

Your Predominant Doshas are
Vata + Pitta
(Air + Ether) (Fire + Water)

Understanding Your Constitution

Vata-Pitta is a mixture of air+ether and fire+water elements that can result in highly intelligent and driven individuals with a lot of internal tension.

In dual dosha, both doshas are equally predominant, but one may temporarily prevail over the other. This is denoted by placing the heavier dosha first, i.e., Vata-Pitta if Vata is prevalent and pitta-Vata if pitta is predominant. Pitta-Vata people are creative, enthusiastic, driven, and bubbling with great thoughts and ideas. 

When in balance, pitta-Vata types are adept at handling themselves under stress and high-pressure situations. They have extraordinary focus but may be impatient with people who cannot keep up with them. In such cases, Vata’s nomadic and surreal essence combines with pitta’s feisty and hypercritical aspects. This might make them vulnerable to extreme attitudes and overestimate their capabilities. This may often lead to burning out and intermittent spells of anxiety.

A majority of their health problems may pertain to some form of skin or digestive issues. Vata-pitta types may respond to stress with intense irritability and impatience.

Ayurvedic Routine

When your dosha is imbalanced, you might fall back upon the simple Ayurvedic mantra – “Like attracts like, and opposites balance.” All dual doshas are generally advised to follow a seasonal routine because it may weigh in on the dosha balance. Cater to the pitta part of your constitution during the hot summer months and the Vata aspects during the cold period of late fall and winter.

Therefore, one may counterbalance the excessive qualities in the constitution with opposing traits. For example, if Vata feels out of balance, one may opt for grounding yoga asanas, breath cleansing (pranayama), and anchoring mantra meditations. Similarly, if pitta is out of balance, one may opt for moderate yoga with cooling breath-work and mindfulness meditation. As for the diet, favor the pitta aspects of your constitution – avoid pungent, sour, and fermented foods. An intense digestive fire will do wonders for both Vata and pitta. It can be achieved by eating regular meals of fresh (not raw), well-cooked food using local and seasonal produce.