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Vata Dosha

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Your predominant dosha is
Vata (Air + Ether)

Understanding Vata

Since Vata is a combination of air and ether, Vata types possess physical and mental qualities similar to these elements.

Vata types could be witty, open-minded, enthusiastic, and creative. They may have an inherent affinity for philosophy, spirituality, and movement-oriented art like dance, theatre, and music. Their intellect and intuition are sharp, but they may also tend to forget things easily. Due to air dominance, they often tend to be dreamy or aloof.

Vata represents air and movement – this may be experienced as dryness, whirling thoughts, and restlessness (constantly twitching hands or shaking feet). Vata types are generally underweight with an irregular appetite and breakable sleep. People with Vata imbalance feel tired and uncomfortable in windy and cold weather. However, the qualities of ether make them highly creative individuals with an extraordinary ability to grasp things quickly.

Vata dosha tends to go out of balance in fall and winter (the Vata seasons), but it can also be imbalance due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

Ayurvedic Routine

When Vata is imbalanced, you can fall back upon the simple Ayurvedic mantra – “Like attracts like, and opposites balance.” The characteristics of Vata are the cold, light, dry, rough, and constant movement. Therefore, you must cultivate and establish the opposite qualities in your diet and lifestyle to countervail Vata dosha. Take a step back and simplify or slow down your life. A simple but consistent daily routine, like the Ayurvedic routine (Dinchariya), is the best way to anchor yourself.

Start your day early with a mindful self-massage using sesame oil. Follow it with light yoga, mantra meditation, and a warm shower. Next, eat warm, well-cooked food rich in sour, sweet, and salty taste. Do not skip meals and take time off during the day to relax and be mindful for a few minutes. Reduce raw salads and refined carbs from your diet. Instead, add freshly cooked food rich in sweet, salty, and sour tastes.

A fixed time to eat and sleep will go a long way in restoring Vata to a harmonious state. You could also end your day with a warm cup of milk with some ghee (clarified butter) and try to get to bed before 10 pm.