How To Bring Balance In Life After COVID?

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When the global phenomenon called Covid hit the world, it affected almost every individual in the universe in varying quantities. However, we all bore the brunt of this pandemic during the past two and a half years. It posed an undeniable challenge to our date to day life and health. COVID 19, typically being a respiratory ailment, falls below the category of derangement of the cardio-respiratory system (Pranavaha Sroto Dushti). 

Post-covid syndrome may be related to chronic fever, elapsing fever, or a stage of pulmonary dysfunction, according to Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, any bodily abnormalities are brought about because of the imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. And also because of the buildup of ama (toxic materials) in your body. So, the focus is to bring the doshas stability and detoxify the body to prepare it for overall healing focusing on life and diet after COVID. The effect of any disease depends upon the severity of the illness, the imbalance of the doshas, and the age of the person.

The coronavirus weakens the immune system if the body takes quite a long time, even after testing negative, to get better and build the strength back. That’s why it is essential to take outstanding care of oneself post coronavirus for speedy healing and to enhance the immune system. Ayurveda has sufficient potential and possibilities for a quick recovery from COVID. Therefore, after recovery from the acute phase of the disease, many sufferers seek Ayurveda remedies for long-term lingering side effects. In life after COVID, Ayurveda can help strengthen the respiratory system and improve immunity. Let’s take a glance at how we can bring balance to life after covid.

Diet After COVID

Diet has an essential function in the management of post-COVID syndrome. One should consume a diet with all six tastes and include herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, amla (Indian gooseberry), and mint in your diet regimen to enhance immunity. It is important for humans recovering from coronavirus to consume freshly cooked, warm, light, and mildly spiced foods.

Diet after COVID needs to be warm, soft and simple to bite and digest. Your body does not have to break down the meals, and the chance of indigestion and other stomach-related problems is also low. Including spices like cumin and mustard seeds in the meals helps to lessen inflammation and also increase immunity. Staying hydrated is also of paramount significance, especially when you are recovering from a disease. Diet after COVID should include vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B often also can help in fighting weakness and lethargy.

Movement and Breathwork

Shortness of breath is one common trouble being faced by patients after recovery during life after COVID. Such patients have to exercise yoga asanas and breathwork to boost their lung capacity and shoo away fatigue. The studies have shown several mechanistic beneficial outcomes in the patients undergoing Yoga, such as increasing respiratory stamina, relaxing chest muscles, expanding the lungs, raising energy levels, and calming the body. Repeatedly, emphasis is on the significance of performing breathwork for humans recovering from coronavirus as well as post COVID syndrome. 

Asanas or physical yoga postures for different parts of the body promote strength, flexibility, and endurance to the body, enhancing respiratory and cardiovascular function. It promotes healing from illnesses and chronic pain, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, improves sleep patterns, and complements general wellness and quality of life after COVID. 

The traditional practice of inhaling steam from a vaporizer or boiling hot water may help to loosen up mucus in the lungs and sinuses, ease congestion; improve voice hoarseness.


Sleep disturbances are one of the common troubles in the post COVID syndrome. These sleep deficits impact the physical and mental elements of quality of life, especially in this crucial pandemic time. Adequate sleep boosts the immune system, which lessens the possibility of infection and may improve the effects of human beings combating a virus. On the opposite hand, sleep deprivation weakens the body’s defense system and makes human beings more susceptible to contracting a virus. 

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a day is essential especially in the life after COVID. If you have difficulty falling asleep, having a bedtime routine helps.

Sleep disturbance is a common problem in post covid syndrome

Post COVID Ayurvedic Treatments

Apart from these, an essential post COVID Ayurvedic treatment could be panchakarma (five purificatory procedures). The administration of relaxing herbs may also help to tackle post covid problems.