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Kapha Dosha

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Your predominant dosha is
Kapha (Earth + Water)

Understanding Kapha

Since earth and water are the primary elements of Kapha, Kapha types possess physical and mental qualities similar to its elements.

Kapha types are caring, kind, gentle, and nurturing people who enjoy a slow and steady lifestyle. They are valued for their inclusiveness, easy-going nature, compassion, and openhearted attitude.

Since Kapha is heavy and stable, Kapha types are psychologically strong and mentally resilient. They have an even temper, and adverse situations do not fluster them easily.

Kapha lubricates the mind and body and is essential in regulating various body functions. When out of balance, Kapha dosha can physically manifest as weight gain, a stubborn attitude, and mind and body lethargy.

Ayurvedic Routine

When Kapha is imbalanced, you can fall back upon the simple Ayurvedic mantra – “Like attracts like, and opposites balance.” The characteristics of Kapha are oily, heavy, tender, smooth, stable, and cold. Therefore, you must try to cultivate the opposite qualities in your diet and lifestyle to balance excess Kapha. Follow an active daily regimen to avoid spiraling into a sluggish and dull lifestyle.

Start your day with an excellent fast-paced workout to shake off the sluggishness of Kapha dosha. Get in bed by 10 pm, avoid oversleeping, and try to wake up 90 minutes before sunrise—practice Abhyanga – a soothing daily self-massage – with warm sesame oil. Work up a sweat with intense, fast-paced yoga or sun salutations, movement meditation, and heating breathwork (pranayama). Eat a simple but moderate diet that includes light/airy food and cooked salads with organic and seasonal produce. Opt for pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes and avoid milk products, red meat, or other hard-to-digest foods.

A simple plan of staying active, eating moderate meals, and sufficient daily exercise can help in restoring Kapha to a harmonious state.