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Pitta - Kapha Dosha

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Your Predominant Doshas are
Pitta + Kapha
(Fire + Water) (Earth + Water)

Understanding Your Constitution

Pitta-Kapha or Kapha-pitta is a powerful mix of the elements of fire, water, and earth that can result in robust individuals with a strong focus and excellent physical health.

In dual dosha, both doshas are equally predominant, but one may temporarily prevail over the other. This is denoted by placing the heavier dosha first, i.e., Pitta-Kapha if pitta is prevalent and Kapha-pitta if Kapha is prevalent. Among pitta-Kapha types, the physical constitution embodies Kapha’s qualities, and the psychological disposition draws from the characteristics of pitta. However, it may vary among individuals and could be the other way around. In both cases, pitta-Kapha types are mentally tough and built solid with formidable strength and resilience. In addition, they have a drive and are assertive and hardworking people.

When the doshas are harmonious, pitta-Kapha types are dynamic, ambitious, and love to take up new challenges. They have great people skills and lots of perseverance. The competitive nature of pitta and the compassion of Kapha combine to create exemplary leaders with a human vision. They tend to be caring, nurturing, and inclusive. Conversely, they also tend to be lazy and sensitive to criticism. Generally, the fiery and sharp pitta can find balance with the heavy, and smooth Kapha to create good digestion, firmness, resolve, and mental stability. 

Pitta-Kapha types enjoy great digestion for most of their life. Therefore, they have the capacity to get away with large amounts of food.

When the doshas are out of balance, the rigid and static Kapha clashes with the electric and go-getting pitta. This results in an unhealthy lifestyle with overindulgence in food and an aversion to exercise.

Ayurvedic Routine

When your dosha is out of balance, you can fall back upon the simple Ayurvedic mantra – “Like attracts like, and opposites balance.” All dual doshas are generally follow a seasonal routine because it can weigh in on the dosha balance. For example, cater to the Kapha dosha during late winter, spring, and early autumn. Balance the pitta aspects of your dosha during the hot summers. In other seasons, understand your imbalance by observing your physical and mental traits and equating them to pitta or Kapha.

Therefore, counterbalance the qualities in your body that feel excessive with opposing traits. For example, if pitta feels out of balance, opt for mindful yoga asanas, cooling breath-work (pranayama), and mindful meditation. Similarly, if Kapha is out of balance, opt for fast-paced yoga or sun salutations with heating breath-work (pranayama) and movement meditation. Let the pitta aspects dictate your dietary habits. Stick to a regular eating schedule with moderate amounts of freshly cooked food.