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Pitta Dosha

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Pitta (Fire + Water)

Understanding Pitta

Since fire and water are the primary elements of pitta, these types possess physical and mental qualities similar to their elements.

Pitta types can be born dependable, discerning, highly intelligent, and articulate leaders. However, their fiery intensity often makes them workaholics known to be competitive, ambitious, impatient, and greedy. In psychology, this is called a Type A personality.

Since fire (Agni) plays a significant role in digestion, they have inherently strong digestion and a large appetite. Regardless of any overindulgence in food, they may lose or gain weight too quickly if they put their energy into it. Pitta types are sharp and intelligent people with good memory and grasping power. They love challenging tasks.

Pitta plays an essential role in regulating hormonal balance, appetite and metabolism. Pitta dosha tends to go out of balance in summer (the pitta season), but it may also be imbalanced due to poor sleeping habits, stress, a bad diet, and pitta aggravating lifestyle choices. 

Ayurvedic Routine

When pitta is imbalanced, you can fall back upon the simple Ayurvedic mantra – “Like attracts like, and opposites balance.” The characteristics of pitta are light, oily, fluid, intense, and sharp. Therefore, you must try to cultivate and establish the opposite qualities in your diet and lifestyle to balance pitta dosha. In addition, try to tone down your competitive nature and create a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere around you. A simple but consistent daily routine is the best way to balance your ambition with some calming self-care practices.

Try to wake up an hour before sunrise and indulge in a soothing daily self-massage with coconut oil. Follow it up with pitta-pacifying yoga, loving-kindness meditation, and cooling breath-work (pranayama). Since pitta is airy and aggressive, you should avoid pungent, sour, light, and hot food. Instead, opt for freshly cooked food rich in astringent and bitter tastes.

A simple laidback routine with a cooling diet, relaxation practice, moderate exercise, and restful sleep will restore pitta to a harmonious state.