Transform Your Aging Journey: Rasayana Practices You Need to Know 

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We all know that aging is inevitable. At its root, aging is influenced by two things: your genes and your actions. While we can’t change what our biological family passed on to us, Rasayana teaches us that we can always change the actions we’re taking. 

Our forties can feel very different from our twenties, and our sixties can render us unrecognizable. But what many people overlook is the fact that some aspects of aging are actually under our control. (And they don’t require millions of dollars or fancy technology!) 

What is Rasayana? 

Rasayana is a Sanskrit term that describes “rejuvenation.” It’s a traditional Ayurvedic therapy that relies on a variety of herbs, foods, behaviors, and lifestyle changes. Each of these can potentially help preserve your metabolism, vitality, memory, and so much more. 

As time passes, Rasayana aims to help you maintain your health by rejuvenating your body’s cells and delaying degenerative changes. This includes both the physical and the mental, as well as the maintenance of a strong immune system. Essentially, you can think of Rasayana as more of a rejuvenating lifestyle than a single tool or practice. 

From Pediatric to Geriatric 

Today, it’s common to only think about health maintenance and slowing our aging once we’re decades into our life. But, in reality, Rasayana can be applied much more widely than you may think. It can actually start to positively impact us before we’re even born – and last for our entire lives. 

During pregnancy, rejuvenating practices like warm oil massages and herbal therapies can help balance the parent’s doshas. As a child grows, establishing healthy portion sizes and introducing them to probiotics can help keep their digestive system flourishing.

This type of positive impact continues as we grow older. Rasayana formulations include Phala Ghrita (for reproductive health), Brahma Rasayana (for cognitive longevity), and Arjun Kshirapaka (for heart health). 

Everyday Rasayana 

This aspect of Ayurveda can be implemented in a number of different ways, and can be personalized based on your unique needs. The options are, essentially, endless: 

  • Rasayana medicines are easy to add into your busy schedule, and can be chosen for preventive or curative purposes. 

  • Achara Rasayana is a behavioral code of conduct that emphasizes handling stress in a way that still maintains internal harmony. 

  • The dosage and form of herbs can be tailored to you. They should be chosen based on your Prakriti, season, and age. 

  • Add more barley, raisins, milk, ghee, and honey to your daily diet to help with overall rejuvenation. 

Everyone has different health needs, but most people can still benefit from establishing a more rejuvenating lifestyle. 

5 Things I do To Age Gracefully

As I gracefully navigate the passage of time, Rasayana becomes a steadfast companion in my quest for sustained health. The core philosophy lies in rejuvenating the body’s cells, thwarting degenerative changes in both the physical and mental realms. It acts as a guardian for my immune system, fortifying my defenses against the wear and tear of life. Rasayana, in essence, is not just a single tool or practice; it’s a way of life dedicated to the art of rejuvenation.

  • Consume Amla: Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a powerhouse of antioxidants and Vitamin C. I make it a point to include this superfruit in my diet regularly. Its anti-aging properties not only support radiant skin but also contribute to overall health. 

  • Use a Kansa Wand for Face Massage: Ever heard of a Kansa Wand? It’s a game-changer in my anti-aging routine. This ancient Ayurvedic tool, made of healing metals, offers a gentle massage that stimulates facial muscles, reduces puffiness, and promotes a natural glow. Incorporating this into my skincare regimen has been a delightful addition to maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin.

  • Move: Regular physical activity is key to preventing unhealthy aging. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a dance class, moving your body not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight but also boosts mood and energy levels. It’s my daily commitment to staying active and embracing the joy that movement brings.

  • Breathwork: Don’t underestimate the power of conscious breathing. I engage in regular breath-work exercises to manage stress and promote relaxation. Deep, mindful breathing not only calms the nervous system but also contributes to better oxygenation of the body, promoting cellular health and vitality.